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Major Courses

History and Philosophy of Education

  1. EDU 513 Research Methods in the History and Philosophy of Education [3]
  2. This course explores the methodological foundations of the history and philosophy of education. Its major concern is on constructing one's educational viewpoint through the understanding of the historical and philosophical texts.

  3. EDU 534 Seminar in Educational Philosophy [3]
  4. In this course, students will closely read important philosophical texts on several topics relevant to education. Topics will vary and can include death, cultural and moral relativism, morality, postmodernism, and religion.

  5. EDU 538 History of Science of Education [3]
  6. This course explores the structure of science of education, and the history of developmental process of each sub-discipline. Main intention of the course is to establish academic identity and interdisciplinary status of science of education.

  7. EDU 643 History of Educational Thoughts in Korea [3]
  8. Through exploring major philosophers’ contemplations that have significantly influenced traditional Korean education across the historical period, the general meaning of contemporary education will be discussed.

  9. EDU 644 Special lecture for Confucianism Education [3]
  10. This course will explore Confucianism, a core in Eastern education, by studying original Confucianism, new Confucianism, Jo-Seon Confucianism, contemporary Confucianism, and others, while mainly reading the major scripts and representative masterpiece.

  11. EDU 645 History of Educational Issues [3]
  12. Major issues and themes in education across historical periods will be explored and current issues in modern, pluralistic, international, multi-cultural education within historical context will be discussed.

  13. EDU 651 Study of Educational Thinkers [3]
  14. This course will research into the stream of educational thoughts through the works of principal thinkers on education; Discussion about the major questions of historical thoughts of philosophy that we need to focus on.

  15. EDU 652 Classics in Education [3]
  16. Students will read some of the classic works in the history of educational thought by Plato, Aristotle, Comenius, Locke, Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Herbart, Froebel, Dewey, and so on. A practical project and a final paper that relates the philosophical study of education and educational practice are required.

  17. EDU 653 History of Modern Korean Education [3]
  18. This course explores the modern Korean education, especially great educators, educational thoughts, educational systems, and history etc., to allow students to understand the meaning and the role of education in modern Korea.

  19. EDU 655 Educational Philosophy and Theories [3]
  20. Students will examine the principal educational philosophies that have deeply influenced the contemporary education. The course focuses on philosophical foundation of education and major themes (subjects) of contemporary education.

  21. EDU 656 History of Higher Education [3]
  22. This course deals with the development of higher education in East and West. Its major concern is to find the spread of western modern university model on Korea, Japan and China in the 19-20th century, and therefore makes to understand the general trends and the future of higher education.

  23. EDU 657 Contemporary Philosophy of Education [3]
  24. This course is to examine the basic standpoints of "Philosophy of Life", "Existentialism", "Analytic Philosophy", "Philosophy of Language", and "Social Philosophy" that have influenced the contemporary education. Students will discuss the tendency of contemporary educational philosophy and reveal the philosophical questions of contemporary education that we need to solve.

  25. EDU 658 Seminar in Korean Culture & Education [3]
  26. This course is to compare and analyze the various papers on Korean culture from related studies to improve the understanding of Korean culture and the Korean educational traditions.

  27. EDU 660 Philosophy of Adult Education [3]
  28. Seminar emphasizing the historical, philosophical, and comparative-international aspects of the field's development and current status.

  29. EDU 670 Philosophy of Religion Education [3]
  30. Through clarifying the meaning of education in Eastern and Western traditional religions, such as Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism, and Confucianism, students will examine the effects of religion on contemporary education and investigate the prospects for future education.

  31. EDU 671 Theory of Personal Education [3]
  32. This course is designed to investigate the concepts of characteristics on Eastern and Western theorists and examine educational meanings of these characteristics. Lastly, the students will explore the direction of character education corresponding to the spirit of contemporary society.

  33. EDU 903 Seminar in History of Education [3]
  34. This course involves syntactic exploration of a particular set of educational problems to learn about how the problems were solved under each situation and its educational meaning

  35. EDU 908 History of Modern Education in Asia [3]
  36. An advanced course for doctorial graduate students. This course intensively explores the process of educational modernization in Korea, China, and Japan, in the context of contact and acceptance of western civilization in modern era.

  37. EDU 909 Educational Thoughts in Asia [3]
  38. This course will examine the Eastern educational thoughts, such as educational philosophy, theories, and methods, of the educational philosophers in China, Japan and other Asian countries

  39. EDU 910 Ethic-Educational Thoughts [3]
  40. Analyzing and inquiring ethic-educational thoughts of East and West; Discussion about their relations to dilemmas of educational practice; Focus on connections among various theoretical approaches to ethics, such as pragmatic, feminist, and metaethical, and a range of practical questions in education, such as grading, discipline, and professionalism.

  41. EDU 911 The Educational Philosophy of Martin Buber [3]
  42. Examination of Martin Buber's philosophy of encounter and its relation to humanistic education; selected major works of Martin Buber examined.

  43. EDU 912 Comparative Study of Oriental/Western Educational Thought [3]
  44. Comparative approach to educational thought; analyzing the similarities and differences between Oriental educational thought and Western educational thought; works of selected major philosophers and educational theorists examined.

  45. EDU918 Chinese History and Education [3]
  46. Through focusing on ancient Chinese education system and policy and recognizing features of Chinese culture, the effects of Chinese education on Korean education will be examined.

  47. EDU 919 Seminar on Japanese Education [3]
  48. Through understanding the features of Japanese culture and highlighting the unique Japanese education contents in the context of modern perspectives, the foundation for international education in eastern Asia will be discussed.

  49. EDU 953 Study for the orient modern and contemporary education [3]
  50. Through comparing and examining the philosophies and the theories in the developmental process of education in China, Japan, Middle East and several Asian nations during modernization, this course is designed to study the educational meaning in the contemporary society.