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Core Science of Education Program

History and Philosophy of Education

Philosophy and History of Education studies aim at researching the origin and fundamental principles of education. Education is a discipline that does not simply deal with the “existing world” (facts) but seeks “the world that should be” (Sollen). In this sense, Philosophy and History of Education studies are fundamental subjects in education. Since the objective of this major is to foster educational experts with international competitiveness, the courses train students to acquire not only English skills but also other foreign language abilities including proficiency in modern Chinese, Japanese, and Chinese characters.

Curriculum Studies

Curriculum studies do not have parent disciplines and it is the most unique area of studies in education. It systematically researches and answers the basic question of what, why, and how of teaching and learning in the educational contexts where instructors and learners meet. Based on the understanding of the history of civilization regarding the individual social discipline, the primary goal of the program is to establish a critical and theoretical understanding of the current curriculum and to develop creative and practical curricula through different processes in lifelong learning. High-quality curriculum standards can lead to educational activities that provide better learning opportunities for learners. To research, design, practice, evaluate, and improve curriculum standards that can enlighten a unified Korea and the world, literacies of curriculum and leadership of participating students, faculty, and researchers will be cultivated. For those who wish to enter this program, one semester of auditing is recommended.

Educational Technology

Educational Technology is theories and practices regarding designing, developing, utilizing, managing, and evaluating the processes and resources for learning. Therefore, it is a discipline and a process of understanding all human and material factors necessary in educational activities for effective learning and rational planning and execution. Major research areas can be classified into resources for learning, education development, and education management. In this field, students will cultivate knowledge about effective and efficient education and competence to demonstrate execution.

Special Education

Special Education includes both the general and special education for learners with special educational needs. In alignment with the international trends that commonly demand integrated education, our research will focus on understanding the characteristics of students with special educational needs who are receiving general education and on suggesting teaching methods that satisfy both the general and the special education, thus developing education for all students. Special Education at Korea University, in particular, contributes to the public education and the academic field by researching effective learning and teaching strategies to enhance basic learning skills of diverse students with special educational needs in subjects, such as reading, writing, and math. Students will participate in various tasks, including literature reviews and experimental research, on creating better conditions for integrated education to ultimately enhance the status of Korean special education internationally.